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About Carbosynth

Chemical supplier Carbosynth offers an impressive product portfolio of specialist chemicals including a rare, or otherwise unobtainable, range of over 5,000 carbohydrates and nucleosides. Our carbohydrate range consists of mono and oligosaccharides, chiral sugars, carbohydrate detergents and enzyme substrates, and the nucleoside range comprises of nucleosides, nucleotides, nucleic acids and phosphoramidites.

Alongside this, our core offering has grown to include a range of allied fine chemicals, natural products and bioscience products, many of which have specialist applications ranging from biochemical reagents to building blocks and activators in peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis.

Our chemical catalogue offers quantities for R&D use but, with custom synthesis being one of our fastest growing areas, many products can be produced in bulk with 10s-1000s of kilo scale synthesis being within our specialist expertise.

Whatever the product or scale we are committed to providing in-time development and delivery of high quality compounds. We are able to draw upon a wide range of knowledge of chemical reactions and processes and our expertise with carbohydrates and nucleosides is unparalleled.

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