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Luc-B.cereus Na

Bacillus cereus is a rod-shaped β hemolytic bacterium commonly found in food and soil. Some strains can be associated with food intoxications, mainly from raw meat and poultry products. One example is the so called “fried rice syndrome”, that occurs when dishes containing cooked rice are left for several hours at room temperature. Typical symptoms of the infection include severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Some strains of Bacillus cereus on the contrary are not harmful at all and they are used as probiotics food additives in animal farming to reduce the presence of other pathogens like Salmonella in the cecum end intestine. Bacillus cereus expresses phosphatidyl-choline specific phospholipase C (PC-PLC), encoded by the plc gene, which is regulated by PlcR. In addition, the expression of PlcR is dependent on the growth medium. Luc-B.cereus Na (L-8275) is a synthetic chemiluminescent substrate for the phosphatidyl-choline specific phospholipase C. The enzyme cleaves off phosphocholine from L-8275, leading to the release of D-Luc, and consequent strong light emission B. cereus culture exhibited strong luminescence, while RLU values were much lower for samples with B. thuringiensis.

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The product L-8275 is available on a large scale and is intended for use in the chemical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and related industries.

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Technical Data

Synonyms: D-Luciferin-6-O-cholin phosphate sodium; Luc-phos-choline, Luc-CP
Product Code: L-8275
Chemical Formula: C16H17N3NaO6PS2
Molecular Weight: 465.41




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D-Luciferin-6-O-cholin phosphate sodium
Luc-phos-choline, Luc-CP
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