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About Us

About us - Building on quality


Carbosynth was established in 2006 near Oxford to provide the single broadest range of carbohydrates and nucleosides to meet the growing demand for these products by the international R&D life science communities.  Since that time, Carbosynth has built a global organisation with a diverse catalogue portfolio of more than 6,500 sugars and 3,000 nucleosides. We have a knowledgeable and resourceful team of chemists and analysts who support the catalogue. In addition to our internal resource we co-operate with research institutes and universities around the world to augment our catalogues with innovative and unusual carbohydrates and nucleosides.

Our headquarters are in Compton which is a small English village in Berkshire surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside.  Over the years we have expanded our UK facilities which now includes synthetic and analytical laboratories as well as temperature-controlled warehousing.  In addition to our UK synthetic capabilities we also have labs in Beijing and Suzhou, which are part of our Carbosynth China organisation, as well as bulk manufacture in our joint venture Jinan Carbotang.  Since 2010 we have been in San Diego, CA as Carbosynth LLC to provide North American Clients with a local sales office and fast delivery of core products from local warehousing and inventory. 

Our strategy has always been to put our clients’ needs at the heart of our operations which over the years has resulted in the company adding new product groups and services.   


Custom Synthesis: Turning ideas into molecules

Carbosynth undertakes custom synthesis and FTE work for the life science and chemical industries. High quality, in time delivery with strict confidentiality are at the core of our service.

With our team of highly qualified chemists and analysts, along with comprehensive know-how, experience and in-house IP, we offer a service tailored to our customers' needs. We offer synthesis over a wide range of chemistries, with extensive experience in the synthesis of carbohydrates and nucleosides compounds, ranging from milligram to 100's kg quantities.

We synthesise many catalogue products in our laboratories drawing on a broad range of skills that include classical synthesis, enzyme catalysed transformations as well as extraction, separations and purification from natural polysaccharides.


Bulk Manufacture & Our JV Carbotang

Carbotang Biotech Co Ltd was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Jinan, Shandong province, Eastern China.  It is a European-Sino company between Carbosynth and Healtang.  Our JV brought together the capabilities of Healtang to extract rare sugars from natural resources with the know-how of Carbosynth to manufacture downstream speciality carbohydrates, nucleosides and reagents.  The facility includes a new multi-purpose facility built in 2015 to meet EU regulation, including Directive 2011/62/EU, US FDA and CFDA.  Our reactor capacities are over 60,000L in a combination of GL & 316SS Hastalloy operating between -30 - 300 °C with associated isolation and drying equipment.  We welcome contract manufacture as well as routine manufacture.


Natural Products

The addition of a natural products range was a logical extension to our product portfolio as many of them include a carbohydrate entity.  We now offer over 2000 natural products.


Our Out-Sourcing Services

Our investment in Suzhou was in response to the difficulties faced when sourcing and exporting chemicals from China.  Our Suzhou team work with clients to mitigate the risk of sourcing in China through careful supplier selection, quality control and professional management of the export process.   



PhosphonicS was acquired by the Carbosynth group in 2017.  It will continue as a separate business unit providing patented functionalised silica as metal scavengers to remove impurities to enhance product quality and recover value from process and waste streams containing low concentrations of metals. Our materials will remove most metals but are particularly selective for Platinum Group Metals which can be removed without loss of product.


Controlled Drugs

Controlled substances are drugs or chemicals whose manufacture, possession and use are regulated by law. In the UK, the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 controls the possession and supply of numerous listed drugs. In the United States, the Controlled Substances Act applies, and other countries have their own regulatory authorities. Substances are classified according to schedules and consist primarily of potentially psychoactive substances.  Since 2017 Carbosynth has had a UK Home Office licence to supply Controlled substances, independent of schedule, to the International Research Community. As these products are often Natural and have defined biological activities they complement well the new Natural Products and Bioscience divisions recently introduced.


Our Values

At Carbosynth we are committed to listening to our customers.  Our aim is to provide products, services and information to help enable scientific research, new discoveries and innovation. We aim to deliver quality products and services in specification and on time, every time.  






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