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Toxins are poisonous substances produced by bacteria, fungi, plants and animals, which interfere with cellular physiology on different levels causing acute or permanent damage to cells and tissues. Some representative groups are neurotoxins which affect the nervous system, hepatotoxins impair liver function, and cytotoxins cause metabolic deficiencies at the cellular level.

Code Cas No Product Description
FA17232 1162-65-8

Aflatoxin B1

FA17233 7220-81-7

Aflatoxin B2

FA17234 1165-39-5

Aflatoxin G1

FA17235 7241-98-7

Aflatoxin G2

FA17236 6795-23-9

Aflatoxin M1

FA17237 6885-57-0

Aflatoxin M2

FA17239 891197-67-4

Aflatoxin P2

FA17240 52819-96-2

Aflatoxin Q1

FA72031 4720-09-6


FC137904 508-75-8


FF23618 116355-83-0

Fumonisin B1

FI24693 5835-26-7

Isopimaric acid

FP52506 124-87-8


GABA(A) channel blocker
FP66477 17617-45-7


FT65013 57-94-3

D-Tubocurarine Chloride

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