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Technical Support

General Technical Support

Safety information

Every possible precaution should be taken when handling, using, storing or disposing of any material supplied by Carbosynth. So far as we are able, we will provide all possible advice and assistance to customers concerning the safe handling of our products. For any material, the potential hazards are not always known, and an absence of warning does not mean that no hazard exists. It is the users’ responsibility to ensure that relevant safety precautions are taken at all times. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be downloaded from the product pages of our website, and hard copies are sent with every shipment.


Many of our products are refrigerated or frozen for long-term storage. Short periods at higher temperatures (less than 1 week), as might occur during shipping, should not affect product life or efficacy. Where temperature may be an issue during shipping, our products will be shipped on ice packs or dry ice as appropriate. If you have any specific requirements for shipping (for example, temperature monitoring) please contact us for more information.

Products assigned a UN number that are hazardous for transport will be shipped according to the appropriate IATA, IMDG and ADR regulations.


The recommended storage conditions for our products can be found in section 7 of the SDS (available on the product page of the website and accompanying each shipment). Our standard recommendation is to retest products 12 months after receipt, unless indicated otherwise. Retest dates are not routinely added to Certificate of Analysis (CoA), but this information can be added if requested on a purchase order.

Product appearance and purity

Product appearance is listed on our product specifications (downloadable from the product pages of our website). The specification also lists the minimum purity of the product we offer, where this information is available.

Certificates of analysis

A batch-specific CoA detailing the quality of the material will accompany each product in a shipment.

Product labelling

Products will be labelled with the product name, batch number and net quantity. The label will also detail any hazard information, according to the CLP regulations.


Specific Bioscience Technical Support

Chemical purity and Product grades

Carbosynth Bioscience products are supplied in two different grades: Bio-X Grade and Research Grade.

Bio-X Grade products are identified on the website and in our literature by the Bio-X logo.  They are our pre-eminent products and meet the highest standards of chemical purity, typically > 99% by HPLC. Purity is assessed using an array of techniques including HPLC, chiral HPLC, NMR, microanalysis, melting point, optical rotation, TLC, and mass spectrometry. All data is kept on file and available for inspection on request.  Bio-X grade products are also supported by up-to-date literature and carefully defined solubility protocols and are backed up by a comprehensive technical support service.

Research Grade products are supplied at  the same high-quality standards as Bio-X products but may not always be supported with the same detail or level of literature references or solubility protocols.  Nonetheless, they are suitable for biochemical applications.


Carbosynth Bioscience product solubility is reported in a range of solvents.  As these compounds are intended for use in biological systems, we present the most biocompatible conditions that we can determine (ideally using water as solvent).   If we state DMSO or ethanol as solvent then we will have found the compound to be poorly soluble in other solvents.  However, once a stock solution is made in DMSO or ethanol it is usually possible to add water or buffer to this to further dilute it.


Due to the novelty of many of our products, information concerning product stability, particularly in solution, is not often known and in most cases, we can only offer a general guide. When information is known, we do our best to publish this on our website and data sheets.  Our standard recommendations are as follows:

Storage of solids: Provided storage is as stated on the product SDS and the vial is kept tightly sealed, the product can be stored for up to 12 months – we recommend retest after 12 months.

Solutions: We recommend that stock solutions, once prepared, are stored in tightly sealed vials at -20 °C. Generally, these will be useable for up to one month. Wherever possible, solutions should be made up and used on the same day.

Before use it is recommended to equilibrate the product to room temperature for at least 60 minutes.

Stock solutions should be made up using the batch-specific molecular weight of the product.


If you have any technical questions on any Biosynth Carbosynth products, please contact technical support.


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